domenica 20 marzo 2011


Some days are a battle,
a steep climb uphill,
and you think you won't make it
and never will, but
don't give up !

When the money is low,
and the bills are high
and you hang your head
and want to cry,
don't give up !

Things will go wrong,
and they always will,
but try to smile when you
get the bill, and
don't give up!

Life may be a pallet
of gray skies and blue
but only storms can bring
a rainbow to you,so
dont give up

Even when your spirit's flying low
and you're floating on doubt
and your whole life is
suddenly turned inside out,
don't give up !

Let me tell you
what success is all about,
it means hanging in there
and sticking it out! So
don't give up!

When you're tired
and you can't go on
and your fuel is low
and your hope is gone,
don't give up !

Remember your dreams
even when they seem far,
because you never know
just how close you are, if you
don't give up !

The tide will always turn
when you're hardest hit,
so give it your all,
but never quit! And
don't give up !

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